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Deutschlandmuseum, or: Immersive insights into German history


German history in one hour? Yes, it is possible! And the emphasis is on “experience”. With its immersive approach, the Deutschlandmuseum in Berlin Mitte pursues the vision of bringing history to life. But how do you convey to the public that a museum today can be much more than a closed room with exhibits? How do you make the public aware that historical events don’t just have to take place in texts and behind glass panes?


With recognitions such as the THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement and the World Travel Award, we are able to establish a robust presence in the media landscape. Our main focus is to generate enthusiasm for the museum and its vital role in communicating history. The museum should not only be known at a local level, but also become widely known throughout Germany and beyond its borders. The aim is to establish the Deutschlandmuseum as the first port of call for visitors to Berlin from all over the world so that they can acquire a sound basic knowledge of the country.

In the next phase, we plan to focus on Robert Rückel, the director of the museum. Not only as the director of the Deutschlandmuseum, but also as the global voice of experience museums. Robert Rückel represents a move away from a traditional museum landscape towards a more exciting cultural offering through modern museums. His vision and leadership role should inspire museums worldwide to redefine the historical narrative and thus secure a sustainable future for museums.


As part of a wide-ranging PR strategy, we have established Thomas Knedel as an experienced expert in numerous specialist and top media (Rheinische Post, W & V, markt-intern, Tagesspiegel, Wirtschaftswoche, aiz, Wallstreet Online, Das Investment). We use a wide range of opportunities to place him – whether guest articles, interviews, podcasts or social media.

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