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Caverion, or: a sustainable future for all


Buildings account for a significant proportion of final energy consumption in the world’s major industrialized nations. Across the EU, this amounts to around 40 percent. A massive problem with commercial properties such as industrial factories, hotels and hospitals is that energy refurbishment is much more complex than with privately used properties. Individual measures alone are not effective. What decision-makers need is expertise. State-of-the-art building technology is thus becoming the key to the green transformation of the economy and society. But how can highly technical and niche processes be integrated into a tailor-made communication strategy?


After a content planning phase with lean and agile structures, binding key topics were jointly identified. The biggest “pain points” of commercial real estate owners, solutions from Caverion and the technical analysis of industry-relevant legal measures formed the focal points of the PR campaign. The proactive and continuous media approach was complemented by the consideration of verticals. Energy efficiency in industry, hospitality and medicine thus became key features of the media-effective strategy.


In addition to the successful placement of testimonials, guest articles and interviews, several Caverion Germany spokespersons were placed in regional, trade and business press as well as top media. The broad range of articles launched strengthened the standing of several experts within the company. All of this was guided by the company’s own claim that regularity in PR is the most effective approach. This first fully effective long-term campaign also helped the company to catch up with the top dogs in the market.

Holger Winkelsträter (Head of Marketing & Communication at Caverion Germany): “Commercial properties have long since ceased to be mere operating resources. They are fundamental to achieving climate protection targets, they define how we will work in the future and also make a significant contribution to our personal well-being, whether hotels, office buildings, hospitals and clinics or production sites. Bettertrust has been supporting us for some time in significantly expanding the media presence of our areas of activity in the building environment. From day one, the collaboration has been characterized by reliability, agility and commitment. The results are very good and the process runs smoothly. That makes a partnership fun.”

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