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Envelio, or: The future of the backbone of the energy transition


The energy sector has traditionally been uncharted terrain to the layperson—how electricity gets from renewable generation plants to consumers is a closed book for most people. The transition to decentralized energy is however leading to an unprecedented transformation of electricity grids, the backbone of our energy supply.

Under the motto “Smart grids for a sustainable future worldwide,” envelio develops and sells software solutions for municipal utilities and grid operators. At the heart of their portfolio is the Intelligent Grid Platform, which is based on a digital twin of the distribution grids. Via the IGP, customers of the Cologne-based cleantech company can digitize and automate processes, thereby eliminating weak points in the grid. In this way, envelio is creating the basis for the needs-based expansion of distribution grids and the development of flexible smart grids.

We set ourselves the task of communicating this mission, the associated challenges and, above all, the complexity of envelio’s cutting-edge solutions in a clear and comprehensible manner.


By placing Managing Director Dr Simon Koopmann as an expert voice in various trade and business magazines, we succeeded in raising envelio’s profile and comprehensively highlighting the issues surrounding the digitalization of the electricity grid to relevant target groups. Conveying the necessity of macroeconomic measures (e.g., a nationwide smart meter rollout) on the one hand and solutions developed for special applications (e.g.,envelio’s Intelligent Grid Platform) on the other blended to create a far-reaching picture of the necessary measures.


Whether discussing the successful integration of heat pumps, the automation of grid connection processes or the digitalization of the grid infrastructure, Dr Koopmann was able to explain why the digitalization of our distribution grids is fundamental to the success of the energy transition and how this can be successfully implemented. In doing so, he has succeeded in generating widespread awareness of his expertise, communicating his messages to relevant target groups and spotlighting envelio’s solutions to a broad readership and audience through interviews with journalists from various specialist and business media, industry podcasts and guest contributions.

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