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Avant-garde Experts, or: New work rethought


Avantgarde Experts is one of the third largest recruitment agencies in Germany. As recruitment specialists, they focus on the topic of New Work, which has received a lot of media attention during and after the coronavirus pandemic. But how do you stand out from the constantly growing, competitive and broad market? How can you significantly increase your company’s visibility? As an opinion leader with in-depth market insight, this is essential.


A study was conducted in collaboration with one of the largest opinion research institutes to measure job satisfaction in the German labor market. This enabled Avantgarde Experts to consolidate its position in the personnel management sector. The expansion of the study and various presentations increased visibility in the market and successfully established Philipp Riedel, Managing Director of Avantgarde Experts, as an expert.


The increased visibility led to major leading media also becoming aware of Avantgarde Experts and Philipp Riedel, the expert for innovations and trends in the world of work. As a result, the study on job satisfaction gained considerable importance and became an authoritative authority on the market.

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