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KoRo, or: How to define conscious consumption through your brand


With its direct and transparent business model, KoRo pursues the vision of bringing conscious consumption to life. But how do you communicate to the public that shopping today is much more than simply buying food? How do you make the public aware that quality, transparency and environmental awareness are not just empty words, but tangible values that should be at the forefront of every product and every decision?


By launching new products and entering into new partnerships, KoRo was able to sustainably strengthen its position in the food sector. In addition, our main focus was on strengthening enthusiasm for transparency and conscious consumption. The aim was not only to raise KoRo’s profile at a local level, but also to establish the brand as the leading supplier of food in bulk packs throughout Germany. This makes KoRo the first choice for consumers who value quality, transparency and innovation.


The entire management team was also brought into focus to tell the special story behind the company. Whether founders Piran and Kosta, COO Florian or CFO Daniel – the minds behind KoRo have been established as pioneers in their industry. They stand for a move away from conventional purchasing habits towards a responsible use of resources.

KoRo has shown that a food brand doesn’t just have to be represented in industry media. Marketing, sustainability and lifestyle media or major daily newspapers show how diverse the company’s PR work can be.

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